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You are not alone in your sleep struggles.  I encourage parents to read the following testimonials to gain validation for their experience and see how other parents have benefitted from sleep coaching.  

Here's what some of our parents had to say:

“Our child’s sleep improved tremendously. She goes down for bedtime and naps with little to no effort. She is able to sleep through the nights.”

Mother of Sophia (6 months old)


"Ancy is absolutely incredible.  I never thought that I would be the parent leaving this review - because I NEVER thought MY child would sleep through the night.  But she is!!!  Our daughter is 17 months old and has always been a horrible sleeper.  Our entire family was chronically sleep deprived and hopeless.  I researched a little bit about sleep training and found Ancy.  I knew that I wasn't going to let our daughter "cry it out" because the girl can cry for hours - so I wanted a gentler approach.  Ancy's phone consultation was very thorough. After she interviewed us we laid out a plan for getting our child to sleep.  She warned us the process would be slow as she was older and a very alert and curious kid.  The process was a bit of a roller coaster and if I had been attempting it on my own I certainly would have quit.  Ancy was there every step of the way to assure us everything we were doing was right, and that our daughter's responses were actually expected and normal.  At the end of our session, I am happy to report, our child is sleeping through the night.  Ancy is a godsend.  Her recommendations and all of her followup calls and emails are PRICELESS.  Ancy Lewis will forever be a household hero!"

Mother of a 17-month-old


"Not only was she a wealth of knowledge, our Gentle Sleep Coach Ancy Lewis was patient and an understanding tutor. We are thrilled with our result of our wee one Maximus sleeping through the night! Thank you Ancy!"

Tiffany and Mark Poney (Parents of 11 month old Max)


 "Ancy was a huge help to our family. Our 10 month old daughter had been struggling with her naps for months and we were losing hope, fast. We had read book after book, tried every method (CIO, Ferber, No-cry) nothing worked for us . It was when we were trying The Sleep Lady's method when we were referred to Ancy. She was very kind and empathetic to our situation and immediately made us feel at ease.  She worked with us for several weeks, coaching us and provided helpful ideas on how to get our daughter to sleep, and stay asleep in her crib during nap time. Almost instantly we noticed a difference. It seems as though we were missing something that all the other books and methods couldn't tell us. With her help, our little angel naps, and stays asleep in her crib, finally getting the rest she needed!"

 Deanna & Francis Boey- Winnipeg, Canada


"My daughter  hadn’t slept a full night in her 2.5yrs and neither did my husband and I.  Ancy provided us with the support and knowledge we needed to take the plunge to begin sleep training.  It was the best decision we ever made and we could not be happier with the results and the wisdom Ancy has helped us gain through the entire process.  We can never thank her enough and we look forward to applying our new-found wisdom with our next child."

The Richardson Family


"Let us start off by saying that if Ancy could get our son to sleep then she can get ANYONE to sleep! The sheer level of exhaustion that my husband and I were experiencing cannot be described. Our wonderful, amazing, delicious almost 2.5 year old son did not sleep through the night since the day he was born!!! At first we just assumed he would grow out of it, and as he was getting older, all of our friends said we were crazy because we refused to “Ferberize” him. We just didn’t feel comfortable with any of those cry it out methods. It just seemed strange to us that we would leave him alone in the room to cry. When he turned 18 months, we got another surprise when one day he just climbed out of his crib. Needless to say, bedtimes became even more complicated, and forget about sleeping through the night! As the months went by, our little “advanced” almost 2.5 year old toddler was in total control of our lives, our days, our nights and we were becoming desperate for a solution. That’s when we discovered Ancy! She was giving a talk about sleep issues at our son’s daycare. After her talk, my husband and I realized that we really needed her personal help. Already, during our first phone conversation, Ancy gave us the confidence boost we needed to know that we can get our son to sleep and more importantly that we can do it without crying! At our initial meeting, Ancy gave us very specific guidelines on how to start our training. She was well prepared, having thoroughly studied our son’s history report and was very careful to make sure that she did not miss any small details. She led us through the process step by step and reassured us that we were only going to do what felt comfortable to us. We were somewhat skeptical when we began, but when we saw improvement in the first week of training, we were completely amazed.  By the end , our son was almost consistently sleeping through the night, bedtime battles were minimal and even naps had improved! It has now been about 4 months since we began training and our son no longer wakes up during the night at all!! He wakes up in the morning happy and refreshed and so do we! Ancy did so much more for us than teach us sleep training. She opened up a whole world of behavioral training that led to significant changes in our son’s daily behavior. He became less moody, less irritable, more willing to listen to us and he even started eating better! Throughout this process, we always felt confident that we were doing the right thing. Ancy’s support in our follow up conversations was always so helpful. She was able to answer all of our questions, problem solve for specific issues, give us important reminders, and most importantly, she continually made efforts to see that we would get perfect results. We were also able to use Ancy’s priceless advice to gently guide our new baby girl to become a good sleeper. She is now 9 months old and consistently sleeps through the night! Ancy is a kind, reliable, compassionate, hard working professional whom we would recommend to anyone who is facing sleep issues with a child. We truly believe that our time with Ancy was one of the best investments we ever made. We thank her every single day and most importantly every single night!"   

Parents of 2 well rested children – Bronx, NY