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The Unexpected Benefits of Sleep Coaching

on Thu, 05/29/2014 - 04:02

When parents first seek my help it is because they have not slept well in ages. However, after collaborating with me on a sleep plan for their child, they see additional benefits beyond their child sleeping through the night. That is because sleep coaching is not just a quick fix. It is a change in parental response and interaction that leads to better outcomes for the entire family. This new response and interaction that parents learn can be generalized to many areas of the child’s life. Parents feel empowered and hopeful that they can change challenging behavioral issues in their child. Rather than focusing on the agony of the unwanted behavior, parents change their response to it. Here are some additional benefits parents have experienced after successful sleep coaching:

A less anxious child

Many parents have reported that after they have learned to respond to their child in the caring but firm way that Gentle Sleep Coaching promotes, their child shows less “clinginess” or “anxious” interactions. This is because children look to adults for structure and limit setting. When parents do whatever their child demands at bedtime or during the day, it creates anxiety. Without consistent, firm, and kind limits, children do not feel at ease with the power unintentionally given to them. Sleep Coaching provides that firm but caring response.

A child that is more cooperative

Parents have reported that their child will show improvement in their ability to follow general rules and routines. Some parents have seen less meltdowns and tantrums. Sleep affects mood. When children get sufficient sleep, they are physically able to handle the disappointments and demands of the day. More importantly, with parents setting appropriate structure and routine and responding firmly, children are less likely to be resistant to other activities they don’t look forward to. Parents have reported fewer battles around activities that their child once found unpleasant.

A child that eats better

Some parents have reported that their child eats better during the day. This may be due to multiple reasons. When nighttime feedings are eliminated after successful sleep coaching, a child starts to eat better during the day. Also, bedtimes, nap times, and meal times are regulated after a successful sleep plan is carried out.  Children tend to respond with more consistent eating patterns once they experience this structure.

Improved family relationships

Many parents have reported that they are able to enjoy their time and interaction with their child in a whole new way. Prior to sleep coaching, parents felt frustrated and irritable from a lack of sleep as well as from feeling hopeless that they could not get their child to listen. With more  fun time with their child and less battling,  parents can enjoy being parents. In addition, many couples feel they have more quality time together when they are not spending it trying to get their child to sleep. Many parents have reported that sleep coaching has changed their lives. Finally being able to sleep through the night may have been the initial goal, but parents were able to gain so much more. If you would like to experience some of the same benefits, contact me today.